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PTM Manufacturing serves as the national distribution center responsible for certification of all fabricators and installers of our Techna-Duc® and Dual-TechTM systems throughout the U.S.  PTM also serves as the North American distribution hub for the Kingspan KoolDuct® premier HVAC ducting system, and is responsible for certification of all fabricators and installers. Because of Techna-Duc, Dual-Tech and KoolDuct’s unique design, all systems must be installed by specially trained and certified fabricators and installers. These fabricators and installers attend specialized training classes to ensure that uniform quality standards are always maintained.

Techna-Duc is PTM Manufacturing’s patented outdoor duct insulation system. It provides a thermal rating up to R-16 once installed, is triple sealed to prevent water intrusion, helps prevent biological growth, is virtually maintenance free, and is backed by a 20-year Material & Service Warranty. Its patented design provides protection from the elements (including humidity, ultraviolet rays and snow loads) that far surpasses any other method of outdoor insulation in the market place. Additionally, Techna-Duc eliminates condensation and reduces energy cost and AHU operation times by as much as 30%.

The Kinsgpan KoolDuct System is a high performance, pre-insulated air ducting system specifically designed for the demanding requirements of the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. It offers many competitive advantages over conventional sheet metal ductwork systems including 85% weight saving, up to 50% reduction in installation time, less than 1% air leakage, and 10-35% total installed cost savings, depending on the project. The Kingspan KoolDuct System resolves many common design issues such as weight, space, installation time and energy performance.

PTM has also combined the advantages of KoolDuct with the durability of Techna-Duc in its all-in-one Dual-Tech system.  PTM's Dual-Tech is a pre-insulated air distribution system suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The combined benefits yield a pre-insulated, water-tight shield that practically eliminates system air leakage, improves indoor air quality, boosts overall energy efficiency, and facilitates a one-trade installation that speeds up install time.

Along with the materials necessary to build these high-specification ducting systems PTM distributes all of the custom tools and machinery necessary to efficiently fabricate every job – and provides the specialized training to ensure that our rigorous quality standards are maintained.


Contact your local PTM representative for details on becoming a certified fabricator or installer of Techna-Duc, Dual-Tech, or Kingspan KoolDuct systems:

800-455-1402 or 302-455-9733


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