Techna-Duc® Case Study

AHU Run Times Reduced by 25% in Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency – Harrisburg, PA (A Silver LEED Certified Building)

The Project:
Replace existing, failing insulation system on a seven-story rooftop – ductwork that repeatedly fails to hold up to the elements. This would be the third insulation repair project since the building opened in 2004.



The Scope:
Remove existing fiberglass and mastic insulation, replace prematurely corroded ductwork, disinfect from mold and mildew and install PTM Manufacturing’s patented Techna-Duc system with 20 year warranty.

The Catch:
Heavy winds and weather are increased due to the location of the building on the Susquehanna River making it difficult to handle and maintain materials in addition to requiring scaffold for proper accessibility.


The Project was completed in four weeks and entailed removing, containing and disposing of wet, failing insulation. Pre-fabricated panel sets were provided by PTM Manufacturing and installed by EISI (a PTM licensed and certified contractor) to provide a thermal efficiency of R-16, a water-tight seal to prevent penetration, and a 20 year material and labor warranty.


The Result:
Project was completed on time and on budget. More importantly no injuries or incidents over the course of the project were incurred by EISI mechanics or PHFA personnel. PHFA boasts a more thermal efficient system that improved air temperatures in both supply and return ducts by 10 degrees overall and reduced AHU run time by 25%.



What Our Customers Say:

“Upon completion and months thereafter, we started to see building improvements from a control system and energy consumption perspective. The most prominent improvement was during the hottest times of the year in the Susquehanna Valley. Typically, the building was programmed to cool for sixteen hours, now it is twelve hours for July and August. The modified change was due to the fact that the return air temperature in the ductwork improved to impure hot air of occupied space. Another improvement was reduction in supply fan operation. We could properly cool the facility with frequencies between 48 and 55 Hz instead of full tilt 60 Hz. Reduction in frequency meant less amperage draw; thus a 1-2% savings in electric during cooling season. Furthermore, reduction in operating time of the supply fans reduced maintenance costs of reactive failures. Overall, the Techna-Duc system improved the facility’s performance, integrity, and rooftop aesthetics.”

Steven E. Moses, Facilities Engineer

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