Techna-Duc Features and Benefits

  • No maintenance required.

  • Extremely durable.

  • Interlocking joint systems.

  • Thermal properties up to an R-16 @ 2"/K - .16 @ 75F.

  • Temperature range -100F to +250F.

  • Water-tight triple sealed joints.

  • Shop fabricated for less field install time.

  • Year round installation.

  • No over-sizing of T.D.C. joints (this is built into the system).

  • .032 embossed aluminum standard finish (others available).

  • Lightweight at less than 1 lb. per square foot.

  • Best of all a 20 year warranty.

  • Techna-Duc is shop fabricated and installed with minimal field alterations.
  • Panels are constructed with polyisocyanurate insulation products that do not promote the growth of mold and mildew.
  • The interlocking panels prevent air penetration, intrusion of water and water vapors, virtually eliminating air quality problems.
  • Techna-Duc lowers energy costs.

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