Techna-Cap is a manufactured panel system uniquely designed to provide an element of protection to existing insulation on rectangular duct work. Techna-Cap shields the underlying system from harmful weather and ultraviolet degradation. The polyisocyanurate insulation is a ½" thick laminated layer, clad in a highly durable, impact resistant 0.032" thick embossed aluminum jacketing. Rigid supports are fabricated into the system to provide structural integrity. Once in place and properly sealed, this system provides superior protection for existing materials.

Techna-Cap is a shop fabricated panel system that can be constructed from "as built" drawings and installed with minimum required field alterations. The interlocking panels, crafted of high quality polyisocyanurate foam, do not promote the growth of mold or mildew. The panel system provides protection and positive drainage from the upper surfaces of insulated rectangular duct work. Techna-Cap is an economical choice for preserving the integrity of existing insulation materials, avoiding costly system replacement.


Techna-Cap... Keeping Ducts Dry For Over a Decade!

Technical Information

Techna-Cap is a pre-manufactured panel System for the protection of the top surfaces of rectangular ductwork. Techna-Cap incorporates a full rafter base, providing a minimum pitch of 1/8” per foot. The pitch eliminates the potential for ponding of water and subsequent intrusion. Each panel consists of a composite layer of 1/2” and 1 1/2” thick fiber reinforced polyisocyanurate board laminated to a highly durable 0.032” embossed aluminum finish panel. The panel seams are designed to overlap in a shiplap joint configuration with each joint being sealed with a vapor barrier compound, butyl gasket and finished with a beaded 0.032” embossed aluminum beauty band. The panels are secured in place utilizing #10 stainless steel screws with weather seal washers.


Recommended Uses

Techna-Cap is typically installed on the top surface of exposed rectangular supply, return and exhaust ductwork. Techna-Cap provides the ultimate weather barrier to minimize water intrusion and promote healthy indoor air quality.



Techna-Cap is a shop fabricated panel system built from drawings or field measurements and installed with minimum alterations. The pitched interlocking panels prevent the ponding of water on upper duct surfaces. Techna-Cap panels provide an economical solution to protect the top surface of insulated and non-insulated ductwork.



Physical Properties (Insulation)

Property of foil faced board   ASTM   Result

Density, pcf (kg/m3


D 1622 


Normal 2 pcf (32)

Water Vapor Transmission as permeance, in terms 


E 96 


Less than .03

Water Absorption 


C 209 (24 hours)


Less than 0.3%

Flexural Strength in psi (kPa)


C 203 


More than 40 psi (276)

Operating Temp Range F (C)




-100ºF to +250ºF
(-73ºC to +121ºC)

2” Thick – System R* 





1/2” Thick – System R*






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